In our previous AIBR Conference, we proposed a symbolic and real journey (Puerto Vallarta, México 2017). In this new edition, we suggest that without leaving behind our undertaking on travelling, we pause for a moment to enact what we do best from Anthropology: to turn up to each other, form the dialogues and stories. In this manner, we are transforming places into contexts, into spaces endowed with social meaning. We propose a scenario that paradoxically does not count on the sufficient recognition and attention from Anthropology: the Souths. Let’s meet there, not just in the geographic Souths, but rather, the epistemic Souths. Let us forge together dialogues about the commitments of our discipline towards the inhabitants of these Souths, and construct narrations that can help us understand how constructed differences eventually become inequalities.

The 4th AIBR International Conference of Anthropology will take place in the city of Granada (Andalucía, Spain) during September 4-7 2018. Once again this event will receive scholars from all corners of the extensive community of Iberoamerican anthropologists. In this occasion, the Association of Iberoamerican Anthropologists (AIBR) counts with the invaluable collaboration of the Institute of Migrations and the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Granada. The event will take place in this historical University, a place of ancient madrasas, where we will encounter each other, exchange ideas, and create stories.




          Nigel Barley           Maria Paula Meneses         Mónica Tarducci        Teresa del Valle                Paul Stoller