What do I have to do to participate in the 4th AIBR International Conference of Anthropology?

Firstly, you need register on the webpage of the 4h AIBR Conference http://2018.aibr.org > Access users> Participants > Access New Conference Member.

You will automatically receive an email with information about registration and a username and password to access your congress member area. Have them located at all times as you will need them, for example, to complete your registration payment, registering your proposals, reviewing the evaluation of your submitted work, requesting an invoice, etc.

Your proposal will be submitted exclusively through the online application of the Conference (See Registration regulations).

Once your proposal has been evaluated and accepted, you must complete your registration in the Conference before 24:00 h on April 30, 2018 (peninsular Spain time) for your work to appear in the Program. Completing your registration includes the payment of the registration fee (price table available on: http://2018.aibr.org/es/inscripcion) and submitting all documents requested by the Organization. These will be requested to participants who make an application for reduced fees for students, unemployed and members of other Associations that are not AIBR, but have agreements with us to offer discounts to participants in the Conference. These include all Associations belonging to the ASAEE (formerly FAAEE), and the APA (Portuguese Association of Anthropology). Review the registration fees for more information on these cases.

If an author has not completed the registration before the dates established (April 30, 2018), her or his proposal will be automatically eliminated from the Program.


What does it mean that communications are organized in panels?

This Conference is organized by panels, not by symposia. Panels usually last less time than symposiums. It is the participants (and not the Organization) who send their thematic proposals for the panels. This allows for great diversity, since there will be space for about 200 different panels. Each panel will last a maximum of two hours and involve a minimum of four speakers and a maximum of six. If this requirement is not met, the panel will not be accepted.

What themes are there?

The themes are diverse. They include specialties of socio-cultural anthropology, applied anthropology, medical anthropology, biological anthropology or archeology, as well as linguistic anthropology or philosophical anthropology. In the registration form you will find an extensive list (drop-down menu), from which you must select the theme that is most akin to it.

Where should I send my proposal, can I send it to the AIBR email?

No. Proposals must be sent exclusively through the online registration application. Any panel, individual communication, audiovisual, poster or workshop sent by another channel will not be taken into consideration.

What should I do as a panel coordinator?

Coordinating a panel involves several activities: to convoke 4 to 6 speakers (the coordinator may or may not be one of them), devise a panel that has coherence and register it through the online application, serve as a bridge between the panellists and the Organization, inform them of how they should register their individual communications. The coordinator also needs to ensure the payment of registrations is done by those conforming her or his panel within the established deadlines. If panellists do not complete their registration before the deadline, their communications will not be admitted in the Congress, and could endanger the continuity of the panel. Remember that the registration period for panellists ends on April 30, 2018. The coordinator must also be present during the entire panel, make a brief presentation of all participants, give the floor to questions and direct the debate after individual interventions have taken place. Only if these requirements are met will the corresponding certification be obtained. There will only be one coordinator for each panel.

We are two researchers and we lack speakers to present a panel, could the panel be completed after it is submitted?

No, it's not possible. The coordinator is responsible for getting between 4 and 6 panellists together to conform a panel. If the panel does not yet have the required number of participants, we recommend making a public call to add people working on the same topic of the panel. Of course, you can use AIBR’s social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) available in the section AIBR networks. You can also participate and make contact in the Congress Forum (available at http://2018.aibr.org/es/foros). This system allows people who work on the same issues to contact each other before the Congress takes place.

Do I have to contact more colleagues to participate in a panel?

Although it is recommended, it is not totally necessary: you can send an individual communication. In that case, if the communication is accepted, the Organization would include it in a panel with other individual communications that have similar topic to yours. If you prefer to organize a panel, you must register it first and then each participant must register their individual communications.

Can I present communications in several panels?

It is recommended to limit yourself to a communication in a panel. However, each participant can submit a maximum of two proposals (oral communication, poster, audiovisual, either as author or co-author) to present at the Conference.

I would like to present a documentary or audiovisual at the Conference, is it possible?

Yes, it is. Please send us your proposal through the submission form of individual communications, indicating that it is an audiovisual type. The maximum duration is 100 minutes. In addition, poster formats are also accepted (see Registration rules).

Do I have to send the full paper of my communication to register it?

It is not necessary to send the full paper of your communication, neither if it is an individual communication, or it is presented as part of a panel. The communication is a presentation; thus, it is only necessary to send us the summary of said presentation through the form. The full paper will NOT be requested at any time. However, after the Conference the corresponding issue of the Journal ARIES, ANUARIO DE ANTROPOLOGÍA IBEROAMERICANA (ISSN 2530-7843) will be published. The editors of this publication will offer authors the possibility to include the full text of their communication, either as part of the journal or through an external link. In this way, the presentation of a communication in the Conference will allow panellists who wish to, to have a scientific publication.

How much time will I have to present my work?

Panels last a maximum of two hours, and will consist of 4-6 communications. Each oral communication will have an exposure time of maximum 15 minutes. The remaining time of the panel will be used for a debate. It must be borne in mind that this oral presentation is not about defending a PhD thesis, but about presenting the lines and results of a piece of research briefly, and then discussing them with other colleagues and answering questions about the study. For audiovisuals, there will be a maximum time of 10 minutes to present the piece and a maximum of 100 minutes of audiovisual content. After the screening (one or several audiovisuals), debate time will be available up to a maximum of two hours. For posters, a day will be indicated in which the author(s) will have to remain near their work, to solve any questions by congress participants. The duration of this presentation will be one hour. Participants are also offered the possibility of placing a summary of the contents of the poster next to it for the audience to learn more about the piece.


I am the co-author of a communication, is it necessary for me to register in the Conference to obtain a certificate of participation?

Yes. All panellists who appear in a communication, either as the main author or as an additional author, must be registered in the Congress to receive a certificate, as well as to appear in the Conference Program and the Book of Abstracts.

The presentation of a communication will be given exclusively in person during the Conference, since the Organization considers that authorship of a communication involves the presentation, participating in the debate, and answering questions that the audience may raise after the exposition in the panel. Virtual presentations will not be accepted under any circumstances.

I'm a doctoral student at a university, does this qualify me as a student to benefit from the reduced fee?

Yes, doctoral students are considered students as long as they have an official proof of enrolment in place during 2017-2018. Postdoctoral contracts will not be considered for student fee and must be registered in the Congress as professionals.

We present a communication signed by six people:

- Do all six co-authors of the communication have to pay to appear in the Program?

No, it is not. It would suffice with one of the authors completing her or his registration for the Conference - it does not necessarily have to be the main author of the communication – for the communication to appear in the Program. Remember that, if only one of the six coauthors is registered, this person will be the only one who can present the communication in the Congress and will be the only one who appears as an author in the Programme and the Book of Abstracts of the Conference.

- Is it enough for the author who has registered the communication to pay the fee for it to appear in the Program?

Yes. The communication and the name of the registered author will appear in the programme.

- Do the six coauthors have to pay for their names to appear in the Program?


- Is it enough for the author who has registered the communication to pay the Conference fee for all co-authors’ names to appear in the Program?


- Do the six coauthors have to pay so that the communication is included in the Book of Abstracts, and the ARIES Journal with their names?


- Is it enough for the author who has registered the communication to pay the Conference fee for the communication to appear in the Book of Abstracts and the ARIES Journal with the names of all co-authors?


In a communication co-authored by six people the following case is given:

. It is presented by one of the authors, who has registered and paid

. There are two other co-authors present in the room who have also paid the registration fee

. Another of the authors is not at the Conference, but she or he has also paid the registration fee.

. And the sixth signer has not paid the registration fee

My question is: are certificates of communication presentation only given to the authors who have paid and are present, or to all those who have paid even if one cannot be there?

A certificate of participation will be provided to all co-authors of a presentation who have registered and paid for it in the time established for it (April 30, 2018).

Are there any scholarships for students?

The Organization does not currently have a scholarship program available, however it maintains prices affordable for an international conference. In addition, reduced fees are available for students and those unemployed who are interested in attending as well as early-bird registration prices available until April 30, 2018.

Does it have a cost to register a proposal for a panel or individual communication?

No, the only cost that the panellists must pay is their registration, which they can process once they receive approval for their panel or communication proposal. Payment of the registration fees by panellists is a requirement for them to be included in the Program. Once acceptance of the proposal has been communicated, those interested must register before April 30, 2018.

At the end of this period, communications whose authors have not paid the registration fees or submitted the required certificates in the case of students will be eliminated from the Porgram. Certificates are required for unemployed or members of other Associations other than AIBR, but who have an agreement with it to offer discounts to its affiliates (all Associations belonging to the ASAEE (formerly FAAEE), and the Portuguese Association of Anthropology) (See Registration information).

What documents do I need to provide to justify that I am a student?

You have to provide a proof of enrolment for the academic year 2017-2018. A scan of the matriculation fee for the academic year would be preferred. It will also serve a certificate issued by the Secretary of your institution, which indicates the studies you are taking, and in which it states that during 2018 you are an official student at that centre. Scholarship documents or post-doctorate contracts will not be accepted. Post-doctoral researchers will need to register in the Conference as professionals.

What does the registration fee for 4th AIBR International Conference of Anthropology include?

The payment includes: a certificate of attendance at the Conference (only if the person attends the conference), a conference pack (includes pen drive with Book of Abstracts and more documents, as well as the printed programme), access to all the spaces of the 4th AIBR Conference prior presentation of  identification card, certificates for presentation of communications (as long as the communications are carried out) and farewell dinner. Payment does not include travel, meals or accommodation costs.

I have submitted a communication, of which I am the only author and it has been accepted. I have already completed my registration and I have sent proof of payment. The problem is that I cannot attend the Conference and several questions arise:

- Does my communication appear in the Program even if I indicate in advance that I will not attend the Congress?

It will appear in the Book of Abstracts, and the ARIES Journal. It won’t appear in the printed Program, unless you inform us during the days before the Conference once the Program is in print.

- Will the certificate of attendance be mailed to me?

The certificate of attendance will NOT be provided to anyone who does not attend the Conference.

- Will the certificate of presentation of my communication be provided?

Since you will not attend the Conference to present your work, you will NOT receive a certificate of participation.

- Will I receive the Conference pack?

Another person can pick up the Conference pack in your name, as long as the person gives us an authorization signed by you.

- Will my communication appear in the ARIES Journal even if the communication has not been presented at the Conference?


I have paid the Conference registration fee, but I will not be able to attend. What is your return policy?

Registrations cancelled before April 30, 2018 will be entitled to a refund of 60% of the registration fee. Cancellations after that date will not be considered for a refund.

I am unemployed, but there is no official document to prove this situation in my country. What document do I have to send to validate unemployment?

If there is no such document available in your country of residence, we will need an up-to-date affidavit certifying unemployment status.


Will a book of abstracts be officially published?

A book of Abstracts will be included in the Conference pack. However, there a conference publication collecting all communications will not be available. The reasons are multiple. On one hand, a communication presented in a congress is not an article and has a radically different nature to that of a printed peer-reviewed publication. On the other hand, from the moment a presentation is published in the minutes of a congress, the work ceases to be considered as original by most prestigious scientific publications. Quality and cohesive will surely be considered for a subsequent publication by an editor. Representatives of the most important publishers within the discipline will be present at the 4th AIBR Conference. Those attending are welcome to make contacts with the aim of publishing books or special issues from the communications presented at the conference.

Additionally, all abstracts will be included in the Journal ARIES, ANUARIO DE ANTROPOLOGÍA IBEROAMERICANA (ISSN 2530-7843). Once the Conference is over, the editors of this publication will provide authors with the possibility to include the full text of their communication in the journal, either as part of this, or as an external link to a publication. This allows panellists to have a scientific publication on the communication in the Conference in case they wish to.

I would like to consider becoming a member of AIBR when registering for the Conference. What does AIBR membership provide me with?

AIBR is a non-profit association founded in 2002. All members of AIBR have access to a series of advantages for being part of the Association. Membership is offered in two modalities. You can, for instance, be up-to-date and circulate fresh news on call for papers, films, exhibitions, courses or other conferences or events happening in Ibero-american Anthropology. You can also promote a recent book,  send an article to our Journal AIBR, Revista de Antropología Iberamericana, or get discounts on registration fees for conferences organised by AIBR, APA and ASAAE (former FAAEE). Do you want to know more? Please visit AIBR website for more details on how to become part of our community here (in Spanish).

 Will there be child-care services available during the Conference?

Childcare service will be available to participants according to demand (minimum 15 people). Please, contact us as soon as possible if you want to use this service during the Conference. The deadline to apply for childcare service is June 1, 2018.