British Museum

INAUGURAL PLENARY SESSION - September 4, 12:00 h.

"Making exhibitions of ourselves (Haciendo exposiciones de nosotros mismos)"


Professor Nigel Barley will give the inaugural lecture at the IV International Congress of Anthropology AIBR. He has a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Oxford, and is internationally recognized for his ethnographic work in Africa and Indonesia and his productive anthropological production. Some of his works have become great classics, not only in the discipline but also in travel literature, such as his book The Innocent Anthropologist, an ironic account of the ethnographer's first field experience. This was followed by great classics such as A plague of caterpillars and Dancing over the grave, among others.

Currently, Nigel is a curator of the British Museum, as part of the team at the Department of Ethnography. His solid reflections on the relationship between ethnographic experience, social anthropology and different narrative genres, will undoubtedly encourage the meetings, dialogues and stories, as proposed in this Conference, to flow across the halls and corridors of the University of Granada.





West Chester University

CLOSING PLENARY SESSION - September 7, 17:00 h.

"Slow anthropology in a Fast World (Antropología lenta en un mundo acelerado)"



Paul Stoller is Professor of Anthropology at West Chester University. He has published 15 books almost of which foreground narrative. These include ethnographies, biographies, memoirs, and novels. In recognition of his work, Stoller has been named a Guggenheim Fellowship (1994) and received the American Anthropological Association’s (AAA) Robert B. Textor Prize for Excellence in Anticipatory Anthropology. In 2013 King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden presented him the Anders Retzius Gold Medal in Anthropology. In 2015, the AAA awarded him the Anthropology in Media Award.

He lectures widely in Europe and in North and South America, where he also regularly conducts writing workshops for social scientists. His most recent book is Adventures in Blogging: Anthropological and Popular Media, which is being published in 2018. We cannot think of a better way to close our 4th AIBR Internatioanl Conference of Anthropology than a collective reflection guided by Stoller, on how to bring the stories we encounter in our anthropological work closer to the public sphere.

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